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MILANO PR EUROPE was founded by communications specialist Riccardo Bianchi in 1980. Providing national and international consultancy services in marketing and communications to organisations from a wide range of sectors, we pride ourselves on being creative and flexible in our approach.

Aside from day-to-day account management, we also carry out market research and analysis for our clients. This information enables us not only to plan effective communication strategies, but also ensures we keep up with shifting trends and maximise the effectiveness of everything we do.

By combining over 30 years' communications experience with an energetic approach and a passion for getting things right, we offer every client a professional service, personalized according to their individual needs.

In addition, we not only offer consultancy by our team based in central Milan, but we regulary draw on the local knowledge of our network of international associates on the ground elsewhere in Europe and in USA.

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The core task of any PR professional is to manage the two-way flow of communication between an organization and its public.

We keep fully up-to-date on changes in social trends, and are continuously creating new ways and means of communicating our clients' key messages.

Clients using our services derive huge benefit from our being external to their organization, bringing as we do, a fresh and objective approach to their marketing activities.

To achieve your communications objectives we will often, for example, look to exploit synergies with other companies for your benefit.

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